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                                                                  Smile DANCE PE CHANCESmile
- 1st year student of B.Tech(EEC) of NIT college'.bubbly' oh sorry sorry bubbly word is far away from her dicitionary'.full of pagalan is right'talktive'oh!!! Only in front of girls'but introvert whenever it comes to boys'simple with perfect combination of beauty and brain to hoga hi NIT me jo padhti h'.
Maan- 1st year student of B.Tech(EEC) of NIT College'stubborn'oh his dicitionary starts with this and ends with charmer..owner of geart physic..

Shashank- best friend of maan'same in maan's college..down to earth'polite'he is with maan from childhood..

Preeti- best friend of geet since 6th  'bubbly, sweet..she is just adorable..



Geet- daadiji I won the dance competition..( she won  solo dance competition held in her college)
Daadiji- congrats  geet ( hugged her)
Geet was so excited but then she made a pout.

Geet- daadiji, principal told me that I have to participate in national level dance competition(NLDC)
Daadji- congrats, that's great'so what is the problem.??
Geet(lowered her lower lip)- couple dance  hai . I can't dance with a guy (she is full of pagalpan but when it comes  to daadi she behave as a small kid)
Daadi patted her cheek- sweety you can't give up on this chance..jindagi me aise mauke  bahut  kam aate hai .So you should   grab the opportunity rather than making excuses  and you know your principal  Geet , he never accepts a no from have to follow his orders  at  any  cost ...

Geet  knew she can't deny the fact'her  principal  is hitler'he never took a no from any person..he had a discipline in college which have to be maintained  by the students  at any  cost '

Next day in Principal's  office..
Principal - You can't  back out  now (in a stern voice)
Guy- but sir I have some urgent  piece of work at home
Princi- I don't  want  to hear any  BUT'S  and IF'S'do u get that maan. I have a prestige to maintain..

Maan knew there was no way to escape but he have to try for her brother's wedding's sake.
Maan- but sir!!!before he could complete princi gave him  an angry  glare...he was not afraid of his angry look..he is maan singh khurana afterall'but he knew principal  will never  understand  him..
Ok ..said maan half heartedly
Princi- Ok, geet handa will be your partner in NLDC..
Maan- partner??? His eyes widened In shock..he thought it was a solo dance competition.
Princi- yes..this time NLDC theme is couple dance..he smirked.

Maan- but sir!!!!princi  again gave an  angry glare and humare maan babu ke pass koi option nai bacha..bas  is  geet handa ki kami reh gayi thi..he murmers to himself.

He left the cabin in anger..just then his friends  met  him near  the caf..they said hi to maan but he was lost in his dreams!!!!oops you can say cursing the principal.

Shashank shrugged him off..

Maan- sadly Hi  guys
Shashank- what happened  yar?? Tu itna khoya hua kyu hai??
Maan- with a sad face ...nothing shaku , bas sadu ke room se aa raha hu
His gang got excited- kya bomb phoda sadu ne???
(vaise  sadu princi ka nick name hai)

Maan- couple dance performance in NLDC'
Everybody gasped hearing maan..they all knew maan and his behaviour toward girls..he didn't like to dance with any fresher party also he denied every girl who approached him.
Shaku-wow!!!! Then why are you upset??? Kahin tu ladki ki wajah se to nahi...before he could complete maan gave him an MSK glare..
Maan- MSK is not concerned about  girls yaar but what about  Dev bro's wedding
Shaku- in ordder to lift maan's mood ok maan...lets have party to celebrate  dev bhai's wedding..
Maan blinked couple of times and stared at Shaku  confusedly..
Shaku- arey mera matlab tha shaadi fix hone ki khushi me.
They all went to caf  and grabbed  their  pizza .
Shaku- so ,whose your partner?  concentrating on his food.
Maan- someone  called  Geet...he paused...Geet  Handa..

Karan( one of  maan's friend)- in full excitement 'geet handa as The Geet Handa of our class..
 Maan and shaku looked at Karan like they have seen some ghost .
Maan- acha humari class me koi geet handa bhi  hai...trying to remember .
Karan- dude tujhe basketball se fursat mile tab to koi dikhe'she is beauty with brain..she topped 1st sem..simple sober girl.
Maan- no, I can't  remember..shaku do you know her???...before shaku said something...leave her I don't want to hear about her.

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