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After searching for her friends for about 15 minutes ,geet finally found them enjoying in caf ...the moment she saw them laughing and chatting she fumed in anger.she went near them and patted one of her friend preeti on her shoulder...the moment her friends saw her face which was red due to anger, the expression on there faces changed...they gulped down there saliva...

geet-what happened girls???have you seen any ghost???where???? I can't see any ghost...chill yar...enjoy...have u ordered for me anything or did u all forgot me here also like u forgot about me in the locker room ???

Preeti(geet's friend)-yaar actually ...

Geet(angrily)-u still have something to say to me after what u did to me in the locker room..preeti u are my best friend na then how could  u leave me alone...aur wo bhi uss dhusttt daaanav ke saath...
the moment these words left geet's mouth her friends got anxious and then they saw the state of her clothes

Naina(another friend of geet)- geet what happened  to ur clothes???? did something happen between u and that hotty???

At that moment the scences of the locker room flashed in front of Geet...when he touched her lips with his palms a shiver ran down her spine thiking about it...

Naina poked Geet- Geet..where r u lost???

Geet who was still lost in their moment smiled

Naina shouted GEET and then her flash back broke and she realized she was smiling...she composed herself again and made grumpy face

just then peon came..
peon- Geet beta Princi apko bula rahe h...
Geet-  ji kaka m aa rahi hu abhi...
Geet again with anger face roared to her friends that she will see them after returning from the Sadu's office and left...

In Princi Office
Geet- good evening sir...u called me sir???? any important thing sir...????
Princi- yes Geet... I want u to meet ur dance partner...

Geet searched his room and found no one...hey babaji yahan to koi nai h..she pauses...kahin Sadu to dance nai karne wala...nai babji aisa mat karna mere saath...murmers to herself.
Before she could further proceed her thoughts she heard a knock on the  door...her back was towards the door so she didn't saw the face of the guy...

Princi- come in

Maan entered the  room and stood near Geet without paying any attention towards the girl...
Princi-meet ur dance partner and gestured towards his side...

Maan+ Geet- tummm?????
Maan+Geet- what the hell...before they could complete they heard  Princi's voice...
Princi-glared towards them with anger- what????

Maan+Geet-  while looking down...sorry sir

Maan whispers to Geet- Tumhe to main dekh lunga
Geet-with attitude- anytime...partner jo hu...

PRInci- now u both have met... so tomorrow onwards u can start ur practice...I have arranged a choreographer and u can meet him in the auditorium tomorrow at 10am...ok???
Maan+Geet- ok sir...
Princi-u both may leave now...

After coming out from the cabin

Geet-Sadu kahin ka..ye dhust danav hi mila tha mera partner banana ke liye...
Maan- oye hello mujhe tumhara partner bane me koi interest nahi h wo to Sadu ne bola h varna..
Geet pointing her index finger towards Maan- varna..????
Maan pointing his index finger towards Geet- wait and watch....and they left...

While going home they both were thinking about each other. While Geet was thinking about the moments spent in the locker room, Maan was busy in making a plan to take his revenge from Geet.
Next day
Maan planned to take his revenge'..he went to the auditorium and settled everything in the place with his friends help...but he didn't tell them the reason and the person's name..

Shaku- yar kiske liye itni  planning kar raha h????
Maan- can't u wait for some time???
Shaku knew there is no place to argue with MR. MAAN SINGH KHURANA...so he stoped asking question...where as Karan was far away to stop..
Karan asked with curiosity- Maan are u serious????
Maan engulfed in his work-yes I m
Karan again with curiosity (because maan never played prank without any solid reason)- r u sure maan??/
Maan irritately- yes I m...
Karan- what did that person do???
Maan with anger-nothing
Karan- who is that person????

Maan who was getting pissed off with the questions and saw Geet and smiled mischeviously ... his friends who were now curious to know the reason of his evil smile followed his gaze and then they saw Geet
Karan again asked question- wo to Geet hai...your...
Before karan could complete his sentence maan shouted
Maan- haan wo meri h...and all were shocked except Maan...
Maan's friends were shocked on hearing his comment and continuosly blinked their eyes.
Maan( raising his eyebrows)- what???

His friends in unison(still shocked)- what did you just say?
Maan(looking confused)- I just said that she is mine ... Oh sorry..sorry..i want to say that she is my dance partner.

Shaku- oh, then its ok.
Karan- looking at maan in disbelief...are is sure u meant the same??

Maan glaring at Karan as if he can kill him right now - ofcourse  what else do you think??

At the same time Shaku saw Geet approaching the auditorium.
Shaku- leave it yaar. See Geet is going inside the auditorium...
On hearing Shaku, Maan went behind Geet towards the auditorium.

Maan- oh...finally Miss Handa got time to come to the audi.

Geet raising her eyebrows as if asking so what?

Maan- if u have not forgotten Miss. Handa we were supposed to meet at 10 am and now its 10:15 am...you are late Miss. Handa...Maan Singh Khurana  don't like people who do not value time...
Geet- you are speaking as if I came an hour late...i am just 15 min late and its not a big deal...Mr. khurana...
Maan- it might not be a big deal for you but for me it is...

Geet- moving away from him...whatever...muttering to herself...as if I m dying to be in his good looks. Don't know why is he so arrogant...khadus khurana..nai nai..ye toh DUSHT DANAV  hai...I just hate him...hey babaji let this competition get over soon as possible and I will never see his face again.

Maan self thought .. maan u should not talk to her rudely..u have to carry out ur plan na and for this u have to jhelofy her.

While they were in their own world they reached near the door of audi..
Geet opened the door and entered inside the audi which was completely dark. Geet tagged to Maan immediately..

Geet- maan its completely dark... can u switch on the lights???
Maan- smirking and taunted...i am trying to locate the switches my highness...before he could say further..
Geet- do it fast Maan...still tagged along maan.

Maan- still taunted...for that u have to leave me my highness...he pauses...geet are u afraid of darkness'.????
Geet- gulped down the lump in the throat..Nooo...i m not...
Maan- are u sure Geet???
Geet- said slowly...yes...m kisi se nahi darti...i m Geet Handa...hey babaji ye kahin fhasa diya mujhe ab to vapis b nai jaa sakti...murmurs to herself..

Geet moved away carefully...even after few mins when Maan didn't switch on the lights. Hey babaji this khadus khurana will not help me..
Geet- put a brave face..Hey babaji now I have to do something otherwise ye khadus mera majak banayega...suddenly she got an idea and took out her phone and switched on the light.

Geet- self praising...tu kitni intelligent hai geet...just then she turned to look for Maan and lost her balance was about to fall back but Maan caught her wrist at the right moment due to the the phone's light availbility..Maan pulled her with such a force that Geet colloided with Maan's chest'.Maan lost his balance but Geet managed her balance in time...

At the same moment the lights in the audi came...

Geet sighed in relief...thank u babaji...before she could complete her thank u talk with babaji...splash!!!!!!!!

Geet turned to see the source and gasped at the sight for few seconds...Maan in the tub...tub full of honey...

Now Maan was all wet and seeing him like that Geet started to laugh..
Geet- while laughing...Maan what happened??? Did you take bath in honey????

Maan came out from the tub gritting his teeth..GEETTT
Geet- while controlling her laugh...haan Maan mujhe pta h ye mera naam hai...

Just then a guy came in blue t-shirt and black jeans...thin in structure but reflected charmness from his features...he stared to Maan and Geet...vice versa.

Man- hi...I m Raj...before that man could complete...
Geet- drooling at him...I m simran...lost in him...

Maan thought Is she mad or something??

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                    LOLDANCE PE CHANCELOL
In  the evening, in boy's locker room'.
Geet's whole gang was present in the boys locker room.
Geet- arey theek se kaam karo na'and do it fast'
Preeti(worriedly)- are u sure yaar..???...if sadu(Princi) finds out this we will be dead'
Geet- in full dramatic way'u know me..i m Geet Handa'dar mujhse dur bhagta hai main dar se nahi ...
Preeti  rolled her eyes- I know'I know miss GEET HANDA'.but are u sure'
Geet( angrily)- yes I m sure preeto'.i am not gonna spare RAJ'
Preeti- but ye itni badi baat  bhi nahi hai'.u r over reacting geet..
Geet said more angrily- Diya mam scolded me because of this RAJ'he has to pay for his deed'

Girl- Geet he just lost ur assignment'seriously u r over reacting..
Geet with full emotional drama- haan haan assignment mera lost hua hai'Diya mam ne mujhe daanta hai'.tum logo ko kya farak padta hai'and with that she started shedding crocodile tears'
Whole gang- ok fine u r right'RAJ did a blunder'fine???
Geet continued sobbing while congratulating herself  in her mind for such a great acting ...

Just then they heared door knob clicking' and everyone hid behind the lockers..
A guy came in the room'he was wearing  only shorts 'he looked  hot with drops of sweat on his bare back 'all the girls started drooling at him but they couldn't see his face ...

He came to the locker room to take shower after basketball practice'he opened the bathroom door and then'

Girls heared the sound of splash'and all started laughing..they all came out and saw a guy standing dipped in blue paint'he was fully dipped in blue paint from tip to toe..his toned body looked like someone painted him..paint was dropping from his head and jaw on his chest..

They all gave hi-five for the achievement and again started  laughing'

Geet- while laughing...finally I got my revenge'
Girl- he looks funny'bechara Raj'
Geet- now he will  know that one should not mess with GEET HANDA'next time he will remember  me before losing someone's important things'
Preeti carefully looked at the guy'
Preeti tapped geet on her shoulder- I don't think so he is Raj..
Everyone looked at Preeti and then at guy'.

He was fuming in anger'and glared at them
He removed  paint from his face'.and when the girls saw his face their face became blank..geet  looked at her friends ..they all looked horrified'like they have seen a ghost'geet turned to face the guy and jumped back suddenly'she gulped the saliva in her throat and did a quick prayer to her babaji'hey babji please mujhe bacha lena iss  se murmers to herself..

Geet  puts a brave face and said- wo mere doston ne'and looked around to see them'there was no one behind her'she started scolding them under her breath'she turned to look at him and saw him near'
Geet blinked her hazel almond eyes 1000 times in a fraction of second...
Actually geet has planned to take a revenge from RAJ who lost her assignment and for this they did some research on Raj where they found that every evening Raj plays basketball and then comes to locker  room for taking shower and change of dress ...
 So as per plan she hanged a bucket  of blue paint on the top of bathroom door so that when Raj comes and opens the door the paint will fall on him '
They were just inches away...her heart started beating faster due to fear or may be due to some different feeling...
Geet- wo...wo...wo... pointing towards the  gate of the locker room
guy- what the hell u think about yourself...huh!!!...u are messing with maan singh khurana...
geet made O-shaped mouth- oye hello...before she could say further maan spoke...
maan- with a rude voice... I m not  here for your hello-hi...do u get that...u gona pay for what u did...
geet- bas bhot ho gaya khote de putter...it was ur mistake that u  came here ... u spoiled my plan and now u are scolding me...then thinking to herself ...babaji now I have to make another plan to take revenge from Raj...

Before he could complete his sentence he saw Sadu in the corridor...he hid behind the locker  pulling geet with him... there was no space between them...she wanted to scold him on this act but Maan kept his palm on her mouth and gestured with his eyes towards the gate ...Geet followed his gaze and saw  Sadu passing by the locker room.
When  sadu was gone they turned to look at each other and realized their position...their mouth were inches away with Geet's hand on Maan's chest and Maan's hand on Geet's  waist... there heart- beats mingled with each other like their heart beats for each other...they looked at each other and they were again lost in each other's eyes ...a tempatation lingered over them  to feel each other...there gaze broke when they heard the sound of boys from  corridor...and suddenly geet pushed maan and ran away from the back gate...

For a second Maan couldn't understand what happened with him and he looked at the back gate.Then Maan heard the sound of boys and it dawned on him that he was soaked in paint completely and he should clean this up before someone makes a mockery of him.So maan went to take shower.



                                                                  Smile DANCE PE CHANCESmile
- 1st year student of B.Tech(EEC) of NIT college'.bubbly' oh sorry sorry bubbly word is far away from her dicitionary'.full of pagalan is right'talktive'oh!!! Only in front of girls'but introvert whenever it comes to boys'simple with perfect combination of beauty and brain to hoga hi NIT me jo padhti h'.
Maan- 1st year student of B.Tech(EEC) of NIT College'stubborn'oh his dicitionary starts with this and ends with charmer..owner of geart physic..

Shashank- best friend of maan'same in maan's college..down to earth'polite'he is with maan from childhood..

Preeti- best friend of geet since 6th  'bubbly, sweet..she is just adorable..



Geet- daadiji I won the dance competition..( she won  solo dance competition held in her college)
Daadiji- congrats  geet ( hugged her)
Geet was so excited but then she made a pout.

Geet- daadiji, principal told me that I have to participate in national level dance competition(NLDC)
Daadji- congrats, that's great'so what is the problem.??
Geet(lowered her lower lip)- couple dance  hai . I can't dance with a guy (she is full of pagalpan but when it comes  to daadi she behave as a small kid)
Daadi patted her cheek- sweety you can't give up on this chance..jindagi me aise mauke  bahut  kam aate hai .So you should   grab the opportunity rather than making excuses  and you know your principal  Geet , he never accepts a no from students..you have to follow his orders  at  any  cost ...

Geet  knew she can't deny the fact'her  principal  is hitler'he never took a no from any person..he had a discipline in college which have to be maintained  by the students  at any  cost '

Next day in Principal's  office..
Principal - You can't  back out  now (in a stern voice)
Guy- but sir I have some urgent  piece of work at home
Princi- I don't  want  to hear any  BUT'S  and IF'S'do u get that maan. I have a prestige to maintain..

Maan knew there was no way to escape but he have to try for her brother's wedding's sake.
Maan- but sir!!!before he could complete princi gave him  an angry  glare...he was not afraid of his angry look..he is maan singh khurana afterall'but he knew principal  will never  understand  him..
Ok ..said maan half heartedly
Princi- Ok, geet handa will be your partner in NLDC..
Maan- partner??? His eyes widened In shock..he thought it was a solo dance competition.
Princi- yes..this time NLDC theme is couple dance..he smirked.

Maan- but sir!!!!princi  again gave an  angry glare and humare maan babu ke pass koi option nai bacha..bas  is  geet handa ki kami reh gayi thi..he murmers to himself.

He left the cabin in anger..just then his friends  met  him near  the caf..they said hi to maan but he was lost in his dreams!!!!oops you can say cursing the principal.

Shashank shrugged him off..

Maan- sadly Hi  guys
Shashank- what happened  yar?? Tu itna khoya hua kyu hai??
Maan- with a sad face ...nothing shaku , bas sadu ke room se aa raha hu
His gang got excited- kya bomb phoda sadu ne???
(vaise  sadu princi ka nick name hai)

Maan- couple dance performance in NLDC'
Everybody gasped hearing maan..they all knew maan and his behaviour toward girls..he didn't like to dance with any girl..in fresher party also he denied every girl who approached him.
Shaku-wow!!!! Then why are you upset??? Kahin tu ladki ki wajah se to nahi...before he could complete maan gave him an MSK glare..
Maan- MSK is not concerned about  girls yaar but what about  Dev bro's wedding
Shaku- in ordder to lift maan's mood ok maan...lets have party to celebrate  dev bhai's wedding..
Maan blinked couple of times and stared at Shaku  confusedly..
Shaku- arey mera matlab tha shaadi fix hone ki khushi me.
They all went to caf  and grabbed  their  pizza .
Shaku- so ,whose your partner?  concentrating on his food.
Maan- someone  called  Geet...he paused...Geet  Handa..

Karan( one of  maan's friend)- in full excitement 'geet handa as The Geet Handa of our class..
 Maan and shaku looked at Karan like they have seen some ghost .
Maan- acha humari class me koi geet handa bhi  hai...trying to remember .
Karan- dude tujhe basketball se fursat mile tab to koi dikhe'she is beauty with brain..she topped 1st sem..simple sober girl.
Maan- no, I can't  remember..shaku do you know her???...before shaku said something...leave her I don't want to hear about her.

PART- 2   ----  http://yadavsunita1989.blogspot.in/2013/07/dance-pe-chance-part-2.html



Hi, i have started this blog for the story lovers like me..... and I m crazy for MaaneetEmbarrassed specially......but i will as write other stories too.... I have read many FFs and SSs on Maaneet. While reading them the writer inside me came out. So, i tried to write a story on our adorable Maaneet. Hope you all will like it. Criticism and appreciation, both are welcomed.
So, here is my SS- DANCE PE CHANCE Smile