Thursday, July 11, 2013


                    LOLDANCE PE CHANCELOL
In  the evening, in boy's locker room'.
Geet's whole gang was present in the boys locker room.
Geet- arey theek se kaam karo na'and do it fast'
Preeti(worriedly)- are u sure yaar..???...if sadu(Princi) finds out this we will be dead'
Geet- in full dramatic way'u know me..i m Geet Handa'dar mujhse dur bhagta hai main dar se nahi ...
Preeti  rolled her eyes- I know'I know miss GEET HANDA'.but are u sure'
Geet( angrily)- yes I m sure preeto'.i am not gonna spare RAJ'
Preeti- but ye itni badi baat  bhi nahi hai'.u r over reacting geet..
Geet said more angrily- Diya mam scolded me because of this RAJ'he has to pay for his deed'

Girl- Geet he just lost ur assignment'seriously u r over reacting..
Geet with full emotional drama- haan haan assignment mera lost hua hai'Diya mam ne mujhe daanta hai'.tum logo ko kya farak padta hai'and with that she started shedding crocodile tears'
Whole gang- ok fine u r right'RAJ did a blunder'fine???
Geet continued sobbing while congratulating herself  in her mind for such a great acting ...

Just then they heared door knob clicking' and everyone hid behind the lockers..
A guy came in the room'he was wearing  only shorts 'he looked  hot with drops of sweat on his bare back 'all the girls started drooling at him but they couldn't see his face ...

He came to the locker room to take shower after basketball practice'he opened the bathroom door and then'

Girls heared the sound of splash'and all started laughing..they all came out and saw a guy standing dipped in blue paint'he was fully dipped in blue paint from tip to toe..his toned body looked like someone painted him..paint was dropping from his head and jaw on his chest..

They all gave hi-five for the achievement and again started  laughing'

Geet- while laughing...finally I got my revenge'
Girl- he looks funny'bechara Raj'
Geet- now he will  know that one should not mess with GEET HANDA'next time he will remember  me before losing someone's important things'
Preeti carefully looked at the guy'
Preeti tapped geet on her shoulder- I don't think so he is Raj..
Everyone looked at Preeti and then at guy'.

He was fuming in anger'and glared at them
He removed  paint from his face'.and when the girls saw his face their face became blank..geet  looked at her friends ..they all looked horrified'like they have seen a ghost'geet turned to face the guy and jumped back suddenly'she gulped the saliva in her throat and did a quick prayer to her babaji'hey babji please mujhe bacha lena iss  se murmers to herself..

Geet  puts a brave face and said- wo mere doston ne'and looked around to see them'there was no one behind her'she started scolding them under her breath'she turned to look at him and saw him near'
Geet blinked her hazel almond eyes 1000 times in a fraction of second...
Actually geet has planned to take a revenge from RAJ who lost her assignment and for this they did some research on Raj where they found that every evening Raj plays basketball and then comes to locker  room for taking shower and change of dress ...
 So as per plan she hanged a bucket  of blue paint on the top of bathroom door so that when Raj comes and opens the door the paint will fall on him '
They were just inches away...her heart started beating faster due to fear or may be due to some different feeling...
Geet- wo...wo...wo... pointing towards the  gate of the locker room
guy- what the hell u think about yourself...huh!!!...u are messing with maan singh khurana...
geet made O-shaped mouth- oye hello...before she could say further maan spoke...
maan- with a rude voice... I m not  here for your u get that...u gona pay for what u did...
geet- bas bhot ho gaya khote de was ur mistake that u  came here ... u spoiled my plan and now u are scolding me...then thinking to herself ...babaji now I have to make another plan to take revenge from Raj...

Before he could complete his sentence he saw Sadu in the corridor...he hid behind the locker  pulling geet with him... there was no space between them...she wanted to scold him on this act but Maan kept his palm on her mouth and gestured with his eyes towards the gate ...Geet followed his gaze and saw  Sadu passing by the locker room.
When  sadu was gone they turned to look at each other and realized their position...their mouth were inches away with Geet's hand on Maan's chest and Maan's hand on Geet's  waist... there heart- beats mingled with each other like their heart beats for each other...they looked at each other and they were again lost in each other's eyes ...a tempatation lingered over them  to feel each other...there gaze broke when they heard the sound of boys from  corridor...and suddenly geet pushed maan and ran away from the back gate...

For a second Maan couldn't understand what happened with him and he looked at the back gate.Then Maan heard the sound of boys and it dawned on him that he was soaked in paint completely and he should clean this up before someone makes a mockery of him.So maan went to take shower.

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